Hurricanes just having fun and what’s wrong with that?

You know what I hope?

I hope the Carolina Hurricanes win every home game they play and find some way to comically celebrate the heck out of each one.

ICYMI – that’s “In Case You Missed It,” I’m told – the Hurricanes have taken to crazy fun celebration ceremonies after they win at home – a faux walk-off homer was my favourite, there’s been a limbo dance and game of Duck, Duck, Goose – and I’ve found it hilarious.

Of course, there are those party poopers who think it’s bad, most notably Don Cherry, who continues to be a thing that people pay attention to about 25 years after is best before date.

Now, Cherry calling out a team for being outlandish and drawing attention to itself is comical to the Nth degree on its own but I’ve already talked too much about Cherry and I fear getting hives if I keep going so …

No, the thing about the Hurricanes thing I like is that it’s not at all disrespectful to opponents, I don’t in the least think it’s disrespectful to the game and it strikes as a fun way to keep entertaining fans and let them know they’re part of the success.

What’s wrong with that?

Shouldn’t winning be fun?

I’m generally against over-the-top individual celebrations, especially those that come in the run of any play and aren’t absolute game-winning performances. I have a long-standing appreciation for subtlety from athletes in all sports except in extraordinary circumstances like, say, the Bat Flip homer or a game-winning basket, hit, putout or play.

But a team thing like we’re seeing? Why not? Why not come up with something that engages and entertains the fans, shows a high level of public pride in that night’s accomplishment and is, at its heart, fun?

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