Stepping into Sustainability: ASTARA

We sat down with Mariah Lyons, designer and creative mind behind the sustainable footwear brand, ASTARA. We think she’s onto something when it comes to making fashion more sustainable and her shoes are a perfect example of how to connect health and wellness with fashion!

Tell us about Astara.

ASTARA is the first sustainable luxury grounding footwear line. Each shoe has a proprietary technology embedded within the sole that resonates at 7.83hz which is called the Schumann Resonance and is the same frequency as that of the Earth. This frequency has been shown to promote harmony + balance within the body as well as protect against electromagnetic radiation. Each ASTARA shoe also works with the science of crystalline technology and has a different gemstone handwoven on each style. The shoes are locally handcrafted in Downtown LA and designed in Venice. I had been looking for years for a grounding shoe that I actually wanted to wear, and was unable to find one, this shoe has been several years in the making. My background before healing + wellness was in fashion, most recently at Jimmy Choo, and it has been really inspiring to see my worlds colliding with this brand.

How were you first introduced to the healing power of crystals?

Holistic healing and specifically crystals have been in my life for a very long time. I grew up in the Wasatch mountains in Utah, literally with the mountain as my backyard. When I was younger we used to go to and collect geodes with my Dad and open them up, I was always amazed at the gorgeous crystals inside these seemingly mundane rocks. Ive always been highly sensitive, and my mom used to gift me “worry stones” that were healing crystals with a groove carved out to rub when you worried or stressed or overwhelmed. When my aunt, whom I was very close with, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she made healing bracelets for the family with amethyst and emerald stones. I have all of these memories of stones throughout growing up.

When I look back there hasn’t been a time in my life when crystals weren’t around, but it wasn’t necessarily intentional, it just was what it was. I like to think they’ve just always been with me, and now I get to work with them and spread their healing in a new way, which is really fulfilling.

How long did it take you to start seeing or feeling the benefits of the crystals? Was it immediate or did it take some time?

It wasn’t really until I was training intensely with my first meditation teacher about 10+ years ago that I begin to harness and deeply understand the power and magnitude of crystalline energy. Crystalline energy works on a somewhat subtle vibration, meaning the more sensitive and still you allow yourself to become, the more you can tune into and feel their vibrations and information.

Crystals store and emit frequency and information. They hold onto vibrational data that has been stored in the Earth. Although there are families of groupings, much like the animal kingdom and plant kingdom has, each stone is unique in itself. Just like plants have different medicinal qualities and personalities, stones hold the same varying qualities and attributes. Certain stones range on the “heavier” or more grounding side of the spectrum, while others are a finer or higher frequency. Much like musical tones. We then work with different stones according to what is needed at that moment to help assist balance the body, mind and spirit.

With clients, many can feel sensations within their body right away, with others it becomes a relationship that deepens over time. Crystals meet you where you are, which is one of the beautiful things about working with these tools.